Comforting the anxious can make it worse

      The natural desire to comfort someone who is feeling anxious can actually make the problem worse.
         “The classical conditioning model tells us that you actually may be reinforcing the behaviour by comforting someone. So if I’m anxious and stressed and I come to you and you give me lots of love, that feeling gets connected to love." Read More


      1 Aug 2019 | Melbourne
      We are here to stay: Catholic Education

      High profile closures of Catholic schools have raised questions about their wider viability but Catholic Education says it isn’t going anywhere.
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      1 Aug 2019 | National
      Right lighting can boost student concentration, wellbeing

      The right lighting solution and good lighting design is essential to create a quality learning environment which increases attention spans, improves student mood, regulates alertness, well-being, performance and health Read More

      31 Jul 2019
      Higher education trumps social inequity, but it takes time

      A degree evens the playing field but it does take time for the paths of the disadvantaged and the better off to converge, about eight years.
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      31 Jul 2019 | National
      Adina Watches* bespoke service for schools

      The gift of a watch is a great way to mark a graduation and Queensland based Adina Watches have launched a bespoke service for Australian schools creating limited edition timepieces. Read More

      31 Jul 2019 | National
      Education and payment partnership streamlines debits

      Australasian payments processor Debitsuccess and education management system maker Meshed Group have announced a partnership that looks to deliver efficient direct debit payment plans for students. Read More

      31 Jul 2019 | International
      International Baccalaureate drops student examination registration fee

      The International Baccalaureate (IB) has announced that it is eliminating the $172 / £138 candidate registration fee that students traditionally pay, reducing financial barriers for students and schools. Read More

      31 Jul 2019
      Photography makes for a Big Fat Smile

      Big Fat Smile is a community-owned, industry leading provider of child education, care, recreation, cultural and inclusion services based in Wollongong and their photography program has been a hit. Read More

      31 Jul 2019
      Game Changer Challenge pits students against nation*s leading technology thinkers

      Department of Education Secretary Mark Scott will host some of the nation’s leading thinkers and futurists for a panel discussion that will answer tricky questions from public school students across NSW. Read More

      31 Jul 2019 | National
      Kids Helpline sees leap in sexting concerns

      Kids Helpline’s site is fielding huge numbers of hits around sexting. For the first six months of this year, Kids Helpline’s teens and young adults tip sheets on sexting received over 40,000 page views. Read More

      26 Jul 2019 | National
      Udderly brilliant 每 it*s Healthy Bones Action Week

      Dairy Australia is calling on all primary schools to get moo-ving this August and take part in the 2019 Healthy Bones Action Week program.
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      26 Jul 2019 | National
      SBS and the eSafety Commissioner create educational resources about cyber safety

      Ahead of the premiere of new SBS drama, The Hunting, SBS has partnered with the eSafety Commissioner to produce educational resources that will help parents and teachers keep young people safe online. Read More

      26 Jul 2019 | Melbourne
      Online programs changing literacy education

      Technology is playing a significant role in teaching literacy, with online education programs gaining increasing recognition and presence in schools.
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